Castillito Kin-Nah
Celestun, Yucatan, Mexico

Castillito Kin-Nah

The Yucatan Peninsula has 2 international airports: Cancun and Merida. Cancun has arrivals from around the globe while Merida is serviced by connecting international flights daily from Mexico City, Houston, Atlanta and Miami.

From Cancun to Merida by bus: Buses run hourly from the Cancun bus station to Merida.
There are also two buses daily directly from the Cancun airport to Merida.
Stop at the ADO bus wicket as you leave the terminal to see if one of these is available.

You can also take a taxi from the airport for about $200 pesos or $20US to the bus terminal in Cancun or you can catch a bus to the bus terminal in Cancun for $50 pesos or $4US.

From Merida to Celestun by car: Rental cars can be arranged at the Merida International airport or from agencies within the city of Merida. Leave Merida to the south on route to UMAN.
In Uman, turn right just past the municipal office in the town square and head down 3 blocks where you turn right again.
There is a sign at this corner on the left hand side.
Take this road to the towns of Samahil, Kinchil, and Celestun.

Once in Celestun, head past the town square and towards the beach road or Calle 12.
Turn right and follow the road north approximately one kilometre. You will see our sign on the shed that is road side wall.

From Merida to Celestun by bus: Buses run from the second class bus station on Calle 50 No. 531 between Calle 65 x 67.
They begin at 5:15 and run approximately every hour.
The trip from Merida takes about 2 hours and costs 46 pesos.
Once in Celestun, you can hire a tricycle taxi for 20 pesos per person to bring you down the beach road to Castillito Kin-Nah Celestun.